Saturday, August 6, 2011

Taking the next step ~ Day 6

Day 6, wow, I have consistently blogged for six days....that's a huge victory for me because it means that I had enough mental space to sit down and do something other than fade into the background for six days in the row... go me! Moving out of my own way has been the biggest blessing.

So today we are supposed to etch in stone our mission statement of who we are and/or who we would like to become.

I am the love that I see in my ICE, I am the openess and warmth that I feel when I visit my family in Tennessee, I am the easy-going neighbor down the hall, I am not Bill Gates' rich, but I am financially stable and happy to know that not only am I providing for my family but I have a little left over for the fun things in life. I am stepping past, over, around fear. I will no longer hide my brilliance because it makes someone else uncomfortable. I am loving, learning, living, forgiving, and letting things go and covering it all with LOVE. I am loving Luv unconditionally, faults and all. I am cutting her some slack because she is not perfect even though she tries to be. I am embracing the day and getting the most out of it because tomorrow is not promised to me or to those that I care about the most...and what I don't get done today, I will gladly give it the *Kanye shrug* and make time for it the next day, and if the next day doesn't come, oh well, I will know that I lived the day to it's fullest. I am walking a more steadfast, a more heartfelt, a more faith-building walk with God and trusting that He has me even when I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am running my own bakery and it's very successful (please click "like" -----> ) I am so focused on my own walk that I do not see or hear the naysayers traveling around me. I am happy and free!

"Who I am today, is not who I was yesterday, and neither are the woman I will be tomorrow."

~ Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)

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