Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Greatest Love of All....

...comes from above.
There's nothing greater than the love God shows me day in and day out.
Even as my 'day' is possibly setting and my actions are still not coinciding with my words, HE continues to shower me with love.  HE knows my heart and even after HE provides me with a way out to escape from the longings of my temptations...AND i follow my stripes and continue on my reckless path, HE still loves me....even after HE disciplines and corrects the errors of my ways...HE shows me how His love is true and faithful and long-suffering and kind.

I have learned so much about love and about LUV since starting this blog.  Who knew that I could be the mushy, over-the-top, participating in PDOA (public display of affections) AND be okay with it? Haha, Mister is going to be beyond himself..he is gonna finally be on the same page with me and question his own degree ;) (sometimes he still comes here to check on my being "open" process). And I am not just talking about holding hands.  It's kinda like my girl Mo's song I Got Love All Over Me...I am in a zone, everything about me is changing and I love it.  I love taking risks; I love staying up all night until the early morn sitting talking on the phone;  I love opening myself up to new possibilities even if it means that I may get hurt; I love that LUV is in love with not only herself but also the possibility of someone loving her the way she deserves to be loved.   And I am definitely loving that LUV is okay with the possibility that he doesn't love her the same way...that that fact doesn't change the way that she is currently loving herself or even the way she feels about him.

I remember the first time I saw this movie and how it just really spoke to my soul.  How it laid out actually how I felt about love that it just didn't make sense how complicated we made things...that something so beautiful and so sweet deserved to be simple.  Then came the punch to my stomach... the gut check.  When you love someone or something....really loved them, that feeling shouldn't change based on how that thing or person receives/reacts to your loving them.  And that one line in the movie shattered all of my "in-love" relationships cuz my love was definitely contingent upon what the other party was feeling.

Not this time.  I love him even though I know he is skeptical about what it is we have going on.  I love him even though he irks me to no end at times.  I love him even though we don't always see eye to eye.  I love him even when he says things that are unknowing to him very hurtful. I love him even when he exposes some of my hidden unpleasant character flaws.  I love him even when it looks like he is about to walk away.  I love him even when his reflection of me shows me I still have a lot of ground work to cover.  I simply love him regardless of what he feels or does.

And it feels good to finally be here.

"God loves us unconditionally and we have never done anything for HIM...He loves us without any strings regardless of how we act or responds to HIS love, it only makes sense for us to love each other in the same fashion"

~Gotta Love Moi Cuz I Surely do...Smooches