Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Picking My Left Foot Up ~ Day 10

II have picked my left foot up and I am about to put my right foot down...and I am gonna keep on moving cuz I have already lost too much ground!

Oooh I am soooo ready to break out and sing "Can't you feel a brand new day" So, yesterday was day 9 and I didn't get a chance to blog about it because my days have been pretty jam packed. Actually I on got a chance to glance at the assignment before I fell asleep. But I am seeing that even though I didn't physically get to do it, I actually subconsciously completed today's assignment anyways from what would have been on my life's circle.

Today I went to see a man about a horse...or in other words, I went to see Quacky Quack. And low and behold when I left out do you know this man finally stated that I had been open!!!! My time left here must be shorter than I had calculated. But for those of you who have been following my internal battle, know that I have had a very hard time opening us to QQ. For a lot of reasons and for no reason at all. Anyways for me to become a healthy better me, I need to be able to express what is going on with me if only for the sake of clearing mental space. And well today I reaffirmed for myself that I am well on my way.

And I know I am gonna make it this time..this time I am gonna make it!!!!

It's a beautiful thing to wake up and know that I am going to be okay regardless of what goes down. I am so proud of me and how I am being consistent with learning to respond vs. react. I am also learning to be patient and to cut myself some slack. I just really can't wait until I see what's waiting for me at the end of this tunnel.

Still cracking up at QQ saying the guy for me is going have to have an abundance of tolerance...i don't care what he has as long as he walking with a big stick.

"Sometimes we go for so long with being hungry that when we are finally offered food, we cannot need to fret because sooner or later the hunger pains will get the best of us and we will figure out a way to digest something."

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)

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