Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing Like Picking Your Own Warden : ) ~ Day 11

I am my sister's keeper. Why? Cuz we are all connected by a thread called human. It's funny because when you watch children play regardless of race, color, they all seem to get this fact. They will look around find someone that peeps their interest and run up to that person and start playing. Throughout the course of the day they will start to look out for one another and even profess that they are the best of friends.

Ain't it funny how things change when we grow up or even after someone educates us according to their prejudices and biases?

We are more willing to hurt and cause each other pain than to help them. We get more joy from seeing people suffer than we do them succeeding. And that's why when we get ourselves in a pickle we really don't have too many above us that can lift us up to the next level. It's more than crabs in a barrel mentality. It's a generational sickness.

So any who, today we were told to pick an accountability partner and well I picked two cuz well I can do that. Well I picked QQ cuz well sometimes he believes he is a neutral party even though he isn't but because I know that he genuinely wants to see me beat the demons that have been holding me hostage all these years, even if it's so he can pat himself on the back like he had something to do with my progress. Then I picked one of my sisters who from the very first time we met, we clicked. She balances real talk with a mixture of empathy. She is gonna give it to me straight with no chaser but she not going to beat me over the head with it. And, she has proven that she is not threaten by me succeeding.

Funny thing is, someone valued my input enough to make me their accountability partner #geauxme (more affirmation that I am making more and more mental space inside of me by cleansing and getting out of my own way)

"Yes, I can do it alone, but it's so much sweeter to know I have someone rooting me along."

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)

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  1. "Yes, I can do it alone, but it's so much sweeter to know I have someone rooting me along."

    This right here says it all! Geaux you!