Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Must Have Bumped Your Head

I mean for real. Because there is no other way to explain my child's behavior today.

This lil boy showed his entire behind. He had no shame and wasn't calling for "privacy." Today was his day to see QCP and well he was doing fine until we got there. I mean actually he had a wonderful day this morning. Got up and only took 45 minutes in the shower instead of an hour. He took all of his dirty clothes out with him cuz he remembered he wasn't at Jill Scott's house. He even hung up his rag and brushed his teeth without complaint.

I told him, "I am so proud of you. Your behavior is stellar. It's superb. It's excellent. Keep up the good work."

He went to school and got into a fight. I was even okay with this... see my child is a punk... and the kids pick on him cuz they know he not going to fight back. But he had had enough of this one lil boy and handled his business. I had already given his school notice that my child had the green light to put this particular boy on his back. My only problem with the situation was that when his teacher told him to stop, he did not. He actually went around her to try and further hammer into the boy's head that he was tired of him picking on him.

I told him, " I am not mad at you for defending yourself. I told you to put that lil boy on his back and you did just that. But, when your teacher tells you to stop, you are to do that...do you understand?"

So we travel to the library to burn some time before his session. I tell him to do his homework and he begins to try and rationalize why he wasn't going to do it right then and there. (so he's wearing on my patience. ) He then begins to ignore me as I tell him to leave the girl alone and let her put the puzzle together by herself. He then has an emotional meltdown and tell me that I don't love him. I just love the girl. I don't love him because I told her good job for using the pot and not going in her diaper.. now if that ain't the biggest load of crap, I don't know what is.

So we travel to CQP's building and he is fine. He is playing with Chucky's Bride and being attentive to her. CQP comes out and he is still fine. CQP ask him if he has food in his lunchbox and if so what it is... he is still fine. CQP is about to eat and generously gives my child some of his food and tells him to give me his lunchbox because he is going to eat pasta. My child loses it.

I swear you would have thought he never had it. This child screamed at the top of his lungs. He stomped his feet. He jumped up and down. He tried to snatch the lunchbox from my hand. He tried to apply pressure to my arm to get it out of my hand. He unzipped the box after I zipped it. He then decided he was going to wander through the office building unaccompanied by an adult to show his frustration.

And I, I remained calm. Why? Because I did not have my belt or a good pair of shoes on. My time to shine would come later. I watched as he continued to show his tail. I just kept praying that when I laid hands on him that I did not kill him.

Most of his session was spent with him wandering the hallways shouting out demands. He finally stated that I loved Chucky's Bride more and did not love him.

I said, "I love you, I do not love your behavior or your actions."

The funny thing is when we left you would have thought I had taken a different child home. He laughed. He played. He tried to strike up multiple conversations with me. He helped out Chucky's Bride. He politely and correctly asked for his lunchbox (and if you think I gave it to him, um you really don't know me). He came home took off his clothes and proceeded to play.

I helped Chucky's Bride get ready for bed and then I came into his room and began to beat the devil out of him. That was the only explanation I could come up with as to why he had acted a fool. The devil must have taken over his body and I wasn't going to let him have him without a fight.

Afterwards, we did homework without incident.

I said, "If I didn't love you, I wouldn't discipline you. I would let you run amuck. But I ain't ready to bury you so I will continue to keep my foot up your butt."

Let's pray the Devil has moved on and regular Chucky is back tomorrow.

"They say bring a child up in the way in which to walk and he will never leave it. I refuse to be hugging on my child from a jail cell or scattering his ashes. I know my child is going through a lot; we all are. I refuse to allow him to believe that he has the green light to act out simply because he is going through things. He will not be taught to be broken."

Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (smooches)

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