Saturday, August 8, 2009

From Sole to Soul

So last night I went out for some pampering.

I figured I was long overdue. I had heard about natural pedicures and well, I decided to try it out.

Now, like I said before, I ain't no prissy rose or no girly girl. So, I am not into getting the feet done or the hands done. I am barely into getting the hair done.. I get it done when I have the time because if my hair ain't right, my mood ain't right. So, me being me, I have a problem paying $16 bucks to get my dogs done let alone $35 dollars. But, I had heard great things about the place and I needed to treat myself to something, so I go.

Needless to say, I get the new girl who gives me the bootleg version of everything. I mean how is it that you can see my old polish around the rims of my nails after you have painted my toes with my new polish. (so you know I have been trying to shoot the owner an email ever since) But, I do think I will be going again and taking some friends. It was something about the relaxed atmosphere. The 2 hours of lounging in big comfy seats while sipping on tea and eating chocolate while watching SEX in the City and crying. (Yes, I am a crier, and this was the 1st time I had seen the movie and well, I cried and cried and cried...I will post later why)

Well after I got my dogs halfway looking right (but they felt smooth as butter), me and a sistah friend grabbed something to eat and let our souls speak.

It something about being honest, with no filters. Something about having tears escape and not worrying about who sees them. It something about putting your deepest hurt on the table, knowing that it won't later be used against you. It's something about allowing your soul to cry out, and it not be in vain. It's something about two women talking as women, as friends, as sistahs that is just so good for the soul.

So even though my toes had to be OCD'd (lol) when I got home, my soul was resting for the first time in a long time.

"Do you need some me time? Is it long overdue for a girl's night out? Well, get it done. Make time to pamper yourself and why not include some of your besties? Or maybe that one that might not be your bestie but who allows you to be you, no strings attached or representative needed. If you don't pamper and take care of you, then why should anyone else. Make yourself a priority in your own life before you demand to be a priority in someone else's."

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Sure Do (Smooches)


  1. The bootleg version...LMHO....I know exactly what you are talking about. I had my nails done on campus where I work and OMG, it was hideous. No, it was uglier than sin. I am glad you and friend had a great time. I love those friends who will tell you the truth, the whole truth and keep it real. That's all I ask.

  2. Yes, your post did post on my post.

  3. I've tagged you in a tag of 8's- when I eventually publish it. LOL

  4. Queen Bee, girl I had to come home and try and savage it... I am gonna try them again this time I am gonna wait for the owner to do me.

    @ Chic Mama, okay I will check and see if you have published it and thanks

  5. Did you tip her???

    I gotta get the toes done weekly. It just makes me feel good when I dont have the extra skon on the balls of my feet.