Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking Back Control, Putting My Cape Back On

I couldn't resist. Seems like the perfect pole outfit. (smile)

So, today I had a kinda emotional trying day and I triumphed over evil.

Pbbt (spit and all), take that evil I refuse to play your game any more!

So Dirty, that would be my child's DNA donor, really plucked my nerves. There's nothing that I hate worse than for someone to be playing with my child's already fragile emotional well-being. This dude has been feeding my child a rack of lies lately and I decided to call him on it. Basically I told his tired behind that if the truth wasn't in him that he shouldn't say anything to my child.

This fool keeps telling peeps that I won't let him do this with "his" son, I won't let him do that and here it is that he hasn't even called my son not once in the 2 months that he has had his own phone. Mind you a phone that he pays for so he can supposedly talk to him. But every time I call him to inquire why he hasn't called my son, he's asking for my number to call me. Dude, you shouldn't smoke your own product, it's counterproductive...

So this Ninja going back and forth about what he ain't gots to do and ain't going to do because he happy with himself and I felt that old me about to do a Sherman Klump on me and I had to push her back down...way way way down. And I simply said,"I feel sorry for you, you missing out on something special. If you do call him, please don't lie to him."

I am just going to get my son's phone turned on myself. I have been taking care of him and will continue to do so. It's funny this dude has contributed $150 dollars (2 phone bills, 2 outfits) to my son in the last 4 1/2 years and he now thinks he has the right to walk around with his chest stuck out like he has done something. Pbbt, take that, maybe the mist will wash some of your 3 day old funk off.

Normally I would have been fuming all day. Fussing this Ninja out in my head. Today, I refused to let it go down that way. I went for a walk, got some pigeon legs and kept it moving. And found myself smiling because I had stayed in control.

So I pick up Chucky and Chucky B and they going at it. Whining. Fighting. More Whining. Wasting stuff on the floor. The entire shebang. Chucky really lays it on thick with the whining. He whined for 42 minutes straight about how he was sleepy and didn't want to do his homework. Normally, I would get so angry that I would whoop his tail and send him to bed, or just send him to bed, or start yelling at him. Today, I just chilled and stated calmly over and over again: You will go to bed, but not until you do your homework. If it takes until midnight, we will be here. If you go to sleep, I will pour water on you and wake you up and if I get to 10 and your pencil hasn't started moving you will be off the football team. Your first practice will be your last. (and he thought he wanted a new mommy before) That pencil got to moving. And guess what, since I didn't play into his madness...didn't lose my control...and even though this entire fiasco took over an hour, mentally and emotionally I wasn't drained because: I stayed in control and kept my cape on.

"I choose to accept this simple fact: The only person and thing I can control is myself. I have choices to make and I can choose to make ones that will enhance my life or I can choose ones that will lead to heartache and pain. Having control over one's actions is such a super power to have."

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)


  1. Well as for Dirty, he ain't doing nothing and will continue to do nothing. He thinks he doing something because of a little sperm...please...he is in the same predicament as a sperm donor to me. His ways won't change, don't except them to either and I'm glad Chucky knows you are in control. I love it. books are: The Will to Kill, 3rd edition and Criminal Justice Ethics, 2nd edition.

  2. ok...i may have the Criminal Justice one..I will let you know by Weds.

    You are right..Dirty ain't going to change. He is pathetic, talking about he see I was tired of looking like a woman and now I was going to try my hand looking like a man. If my child wasn't in the car I would have told him that I might as well look like a man cuz I am my child's mama and daddy.

    Yeah, for a minute there I was just letting Chucky get a way with stuff that normally I wouldn't because mentally I was exhausted.. I choose not to any more