Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ninjas Please Go Sit Yourself Down Somewhere

Anywhere but here! Sheesh.

Yes, Ninjette I had your man and he had a baby on you with me, but that's water under the bridge...or it should be cuz I don't want his tired, smelly, broke behind any more. Haven't for a very long time. I think dealing with him for 5 years was long enough for me to realize that I didn't want to spend a lifetime with him let alone another day, hour, or second. Which is why when he told me that he told you that he wanted to leave you for me, I told that Bama that come hell or high water, he bets to make you understand that he was just playing!

You can keep your Dirty man and his cooties!

Now look here Missy, I don't know what that DoubleDeadBeat over there telling you but let me tell you this right here: Please get it twisted and put your hand on my child and you and your can of corn will get dealt with. Who walks around with can goods in their bag just in case they get into a fight? Who does that? Yeah, peeps like you two, who old as the apostles and never grow up.

When I put it all in perspective and measure the amount of crap I have had to deal with in my life, I am astounded at how much drama your man and his family has brought into it. The stuff that I have had to reckon with I thought only happened in movies or on the Maury show. Mybajeezes.

Yeah, your man is also someone else's man, but believe me when I tell you it ain't me. I ain't wanted that Ninja since the day I told him, 4 yrs ago, to get to stepping. To be honest, I didn't want his behind when I had him. But, I loved the attention because I was lonely and going through some things. Trust and believe had I been in my right mind, he would have never gotten to smell my stuff let along stick it. Believe that.

Some mistakes will haunt you like a bad plate of the porky pork. I mean I got with this man literally months after I had lost the twins. Before the rape, I had had 3 sexual partners. After the rape and leading up to the time I hooked up with Dirty I know I had at least 3 more sexual partners (scared to actually calculate the actual number) and had men lining up to get a taste. So me getting with Dirty, even though initially I wasn't feeling him, mainly because one he was married and sleeping with like 3 other people and because he wasn't my type, saved me in a sense. It made me pump my breaks because I was spiraling out of control.

I tolerated him. Even after he stole from me. I tolerated him. Even after all of the lies. I tolerated him. Even after he double crossed me. I tolerate him. Even though he does not contribute to my child's well-being. I tolerate him. Because my child loves him, even though he thinks he is his "grandpa". I tolerate him. Even though he fills my child's head up with lies and make plans that he does not intend to execute. I tolerate him. Even though he ain't worth the sperm his daddy used to create him.

I must warn you, my tolerance is running thin. If you have a problem with me, have it with me. My child is here and he ain't going no where. If your man has a problem with dealing with your issues with the fact that my child is here and how he got here, that is for you and your man to work out. That Ninja should have thought about all that when we planned to have this baby. Yes, Ninjette I said planned. And had I known that he was allowing you to abuse his other kids to keep the peace with you, that blueprint would have been torched. Talking about he wanted to give me a baby to make me happy again, and I ain't seen happiness since.

So, I am telling you Ninjas and the Devil to go sit yall raggedy tails down. I ain't got time for yall smallness. My child and I got places to see and things to do and when we are done doing us, I am 99.9% sure you will still be doing the same thing: NOTHING

Kick Rocks Ninjas, you are and always will be, the weakest, whackest, brokest link.

"Roadblocks come in all shapes, sizes and forms. They are designed to distract you from your ultimate goal. Learn to recognize and understand that small minded people a.k.a. haters never want to see you happy, never want to see you get ahead, even if you been down and out for a long while. The hater circuit is just like the groupie circuit, word gets around when you about to make big moves. And yes, it ain't nothing but the Devil. Now that you know, regroup, adjust and keep it moving!"

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (smooches)


  1. Heck if he fooling around with other people, then Dirty really ain't Ninja's man, he don't belong to nobody. Girl when I read this, it was like I was in a movie. I have good vision and I don't know why I had to get closer to the screen like actors were gonna start portraying their roles. You said what you had to say and you said it very well right here. This should be on the next news press. Extra, Extra, read all about it.

  2. You know I had to come by, right? Every situation is different and I'm certainly not one to judge. However, I had a problem with ole girl on Oprah because she tried to justify her actions with some nonesense.

  3. @ Queen
    you hit the nail on the head..he wasn't and still ain't nobody's man..this fool used to call my house at 3 am talking about he checking on my child..yeah well you need to check on him before 8pm when he is awake..don't call me. a tired wannabe gigalo who has been running around for years now saying what i won't allow him to do with my child BUT when i put the ball in his court, he never bounces it back..he still has yet to call him on the fone that he now give me money on to keep on for my child. now he is trying to start some drama so i won't want to take my child to see his sisters because his wife was mad that they talk to me and to their brother ...they need to grow up

    sorry about the rant

  4. @ Chele ...lmbo, i knew u would come, just wanted to warn you first. I never justified our relationship. Always told his girls what we were doing was wrong and that it should never be done. Probably one of the reasons I suffer with taking care of him by myself because I know had I done it the proper way it wouldn't have gone down like it did..

    but at the same time, you not going to keep playing with my child's feelings to appease your wife