Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting My Front Row Right

So as I am going on this journey, or maybe I should call it a QUEST, makes it sound so much more intriguing....

So as I venture out on my QUEST with my noble Chucky, I am really in awe as things are falling into place and aligning themselves for me to take what is rightfully mine.

I am realizing that some of y'all have gots to go!

Some of y'all have been sitting down at Luv's table for quite too long. Sitting there eating my free food, sucking up all my cool air, drinking my FIRE sweet tea (don't mind the head swooning after you drink a cup, just lets you know you ain't got "SUGA" cuz if you did you would be in a coma by now), telling me how good it is every time I stick my head in, but as soon as I leave you throwing salt on me... Talking bout I think I am this, I think I am that, and my food ain't the shiznick (so why you still here)...kick rocks, DEUCES!

The more I see me, the more I see that I have let a lot of people into my personal space that should have NEVER been allowed there. I had been giving away front row tickets to my life to people who should have been outside the stadium searching for scalpers, trying to get in. I mean there are some people in my life who only love me when I am down, so I am going to shift them right on up to the nose bleed section so from their perspective, everything looks the same. And then of course there are those who don't love me at all and are just looking for something to gossip about or carry. To those, I say carry this: Luv not only sees her destination but she is closing in on it, fast...and if you ain't with her then she is dismissing you because she doesn't have time for small mindedness. And then there are those that were given Section 300 seats that deserve floor seats because they really do genuinely care and want what's best for me. (sorry, free popcorn?)

So, yeah, I am doing a whole lot of reorganizing over her: physically and mentally. I am snatching tickets and calling security cause as a lot of my Facebook friends just found out, some of y'all just don't make the cut. DELETE

So in preparation of taking Center Stage, I have been trying to get some things etched in stone with regards to how I am going to be from here until the next time I need to do an aboutface.

Date Night ~ I am trying to take myself and just myself out on a date, once a week. The only way I can get back to the basics of who I am and who I really want to be, is to spend some real quality time with me, without the crumbsnatchers around fighting for my attention.

Care and Upkeep ~ No it's not a front, I really look like I just rolled out of bed most of the times, because, um, I just rolled out of the bed. I have promised to put more effort into my upkeep for myself. To spruce things up. I said that even though I am a fan of the think bushy eye brows, that I would get a shape up at least once a month. I am also going to start back swimming and skating. I used to swim like a fish...stopped because I hate wet hair..guess that isn't really a problem any more. Skating, well, I have to wait for the doctor to clear me before I get my Roll Bounce back popping. I have been doing a half-way decent job with managing my new hair. If nothing else, I make sure it is not looking like sand paper.

I think I am ready to put RoughNeck persona to bed and send out my sophisticated representative. The problem I run into with this is that I have so many allergies. The only scent I can wear is Baby Powder. The only earrings I can wear has to be a high quality of gold. And my makeup skills are no where near on point. But I guess I can stop belching my name in public.

And I am really trying to decide what are the things I will need from my future mate versus the things that I want. I am working everyday to become a better person, for me. The more I let go and come to terms with the more I find that my long lost friend, the smile, shows up on my face.

"Time is a wasting. Time is precious. Time may spring forward and fall back, yet it never reverses. Seize not only the day, but the moment, the hour, the second because that is something you will never get back. Life is time, how much more of yours are you willing to waste?"

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (smooches)


  1. How beautiful. This deserves some kind of an award, so here it is. ~~The focus-on-me, and all you haters don't have to go home but you got to get the heck away from me...award.~~

  2. aww thanks Queen, we will shorten it to "Hi Haters" (smile) we have to find a pic for it so I can put it on the award wall