Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And the Cupcake AWARD Goes to....

ME!!!! Yay me...I am a winner. Take that devil, see you can't stop me...I am gonna continue to shine. Now watch me walk it out, walk it out, walk it out... okay, maybe I am going to just stick to the Cupid Shuffle but, know I am looking flyy! I was given this lovely, much appreciated award by Chic Mama, please check my overseas sistah out, she going through it, but her wit and that chocolate is keeping her head above waters.

So I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy and pass the Award here it goes..

What Makes Love Happy:

10. Happy people
9. Hot Cocoa with marshmellows
8. Good Music...something about a real song, with a real beat with some real lyrics that will put a smile on my face... for the sake of the musically challenged... "crank that" ain't good music
7. Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes with extra fudge and nuts... (don't hate me...gotta fed the fat girl inside or she will strangle me)
6. Seeing my child sleep with a smile on his face
5. Witnessing unconditional's something about that love thang between a man and a woman
4. Good sex... bump what you heard all sex ain't good and ain't worth talking about..even though I ain't partaking at the present moment... them memories still put a smile on this here girl's face
3. Good food.. lawd not only will it make me smile but it'll make me tap out a tune with my feet as well. and baking...
2. watching the looks on my haters' faces when they see that I may have been down but I wasn't out.
1. God, cuz he is so so so so awesome

And the Cupcake Award Now goes to:

Giving More, Taking Less
These Words I Type

sorry can't link acting crazy


  1. Holy Shazam! I got an award. Alright now. I must be doing something halfway decent.
    Your tail is off the chain, and yes I do love "crank that". Your comments on my blog had me laughing, especially the one about the hair on my daughter legs and putting it in a barrett. I do believe it was just that long. LOL and as for Ms. Sarah, thank goodness it wasn't you and you be out of a job cause you got thangs to do. You would've been able to live with me for just so long, then hubby would be whispering in my ear, "when yo girl leaving?" LOLOL.

  2. Lmbo! I bet he would have been saying it sooner than later, especially if he could here me up @ the crack of dawn eating all my chocolates...but I don't keep mine in my purse...afraid they might melt.
    And I love your blog...I be like...hmm one day I will get to that place where I don't say exactly what comes into my head at the exact moment that it comes there.

  3. I love your list...especially because it mentions marshmallows ( yum) and Hot fudge brownie sundaes. ;0)

  4. Chic Mama, i told you i loved chocolates but i am actually going to give them up ... getting rid of my addictions..