Saturday, March 3, 2012

31 Day Reset ~ Day 1

I have been here before and I am well past tired of coming here...
The perfect storm... it can make me a victim or a survivor
I choose I choose to be the captain of my vessel and will live life accordingly, with purpose and direction while loving even in the midst of chaos

Today's assignment was to choose a mantra and well the thing screaming from my soul right now is "Live Laugh Love" and so that is what I plan to do in the 2012

My song was actually posted on my facebook page a couple of days ago by a friend that knew that I was being beaten upside, rightside, bottomside of my head and yeah it basically sums up everything about me at this present time

I Got this cuz God's got Me #Ijustgot2believe

Oh, my notebook, you are on it #welcome : )

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