Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Sunshine Has Come....

and life is oh, so good...nope, it's GREAT!
And ain't nothing changed but my outlook on life. I'm still over here rubbing 2 nickels together praying they will turn into two quarters. I feel amazing, and I know I have more pep in my step cuz I am causing traffic jams and accident from all the gauking.
I am finally realizing that I hold the key to my own happiness. I can be happy and be alone. i can be happy and be in a room full of people, with all their pretentious ways and still be happy.
I can be happy and be poor. I can be happy! Wow, even I can be happy despite all that I have endured...endurance, that is a trait a lot of us have to cultivate cuz God is not going to deliver us out of everything.
I have resolved each day to choose something that I want to do differently, not that I SHOULD do differently...
And today I choose to see the world differently...see it as filled with people just like me trying to make it to the next level, trying to make it all make sense for them, trying to keep their head above water...and for that I choose to exercise a little more patience; not only with the people that I meet, but also, with myself because NO ONE is perfect.
And with that I shall find that I have more time to smile and be happy than to frown and be mad.
"I have the power to be happy, it's up to me to choose whether to exercise this power, for happiness truly is a state of mind."
~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)


  1. Hallelujah!!! Girl, I can be broke as a joke and still find happiness. My kids often ask why am I so happy. It's the blessings of the Lord that woke me up this morning. You talking about rubbing two nickels together, you let me even find two nickels around here, that would be amazing. Well hello sunshine, good-bye cloudy days.

  2. Yes Ma'am... Queen it's truly by the grace of God that I am allowed to see this type of sunshine again.

    I know everything comes in seasons, and I am praying these rays will be on me for awhile...nevertheless, i am going to enjoy them all the same