Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Out of My Head....

.......AND OUT OF MY OWN WAY!!!!!

I have been "head blogging" for a minute now which has caused me to DOUBLE POST. (Kanye triple

Oh, well, such is life. This is my space, so if you don't like it, I am sure you know where the "next" button is.

I had an interesting thing happen to me the other day. I was on facebook and one of my old homies changed his status to something about "if you missed it before, here's your chance to ask any question you want and I will answer truthfully."

So me, being me, I inboxed him and asked "Are you gay?" Now, I have never ever thought he was gay. He was too much of a whore in highschool for the thought to ever cross my mind. I just wanted to mess with him and to see what his off-based, off-colored, out of order response was going to be?

And his response ...well let's just say that I am glad he didn't go into detail on why he liked the female genitalia. He then asked me, why I asked him that...did I think he was gay. Of course I told him that I was just messing with him and that I even had another question that I was going to ask him I didn't ask it.

I choked. Well it wasn't that I choked as much as I wasn't sure I would be able to digest the response had it been negative; therefore I chose a question that would not jeopardize my well-being in any way. So yeah I choked. So to make up for me choking I asked him if he wanted to return the favor and ask me anything and I would answer honestly.

So, he asks me if I wrote in his senior yearbook in a purple pen. WTW? Um, I don't know. Which is weird cuz I have a beastly memory. So I tell him, "I don't know...what did it say?" He responses..."some freaky stuff" WTW.. Now I am frantically trying to remember if it was me and if so, what did I write, but um, in high school I was pretty much like I am now when it comes to freakiness I KEEPS IT ON THE LOW so I wouldn't have out-ed myself like that...esp in high school. I was still proud to be president of the V Club. So I tell him, "if it was freaky it probably wasn't me..but why you think to ask?" His response, "because I remembered you like purple"

And guess what yall, I did and I still do. Who knew he paid so much attention to me. I mean some of the Faithful Ten don't even know about my love affair with purple...or rather they choose to forget. I mean this was my boy. We ran with the same gang so we were cool. And I was a tomboy, so yeah we were doubly cool.

The thing is, I used to have a crush on him and never told him because of how I thought he and everyone else viewed me. I thought his response would have been the same as that skinny peg head Snoop dog rejectl ookalike (sorry having a moment). So I never told him or showed it. Even though I thought at times that he was feeling me. But now I was curious to know...just as I was curious to know when I first saw his status and went to ask him before my nerves got the best of me....

I looked at our back and forth and I said to myself, "Luv, we are changing...we are growing.. we are moving out of our own way, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us feel. What does it matter what his response is now to something that took place a decade ago.. You don't want him now AND he married with 3 kids, so he bet not want you. It is time to step pass fear."

So I FB'd back "did you use to have a crush on me?" and I pressed send. There was nothing to do but wait, or not. Before I could decide what to do and let fear paralyze my heart, his response was delivered to my inbox.

And low and behold if he didn't admit that he did have a crush on me and that "they" thought I was cute but that I was a good girl and that "they" didn't want to ruin me or bring me down to their level. mean all this time I had been going around thinking that dudes weren't approaching me because they thought I was ugly AND they really wasn't approaching me because of the standards that I set for myself and maintained? You mean that dudes really can tell your worth and will respect it when you respect it first? You mean that a lot of this pain, anguish, and frustration I have experienced since high school could have been avoided had I just held onto my standards and stayed out of my head?

For my word..

"Sometimes we can be the cause of our greatest downfall."

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (smooches)


  1. Dudes know what women they can get over on and the ones they can't.

    I read your comment on my blog. I got some of my flowers from the $1 Jewerly Store. Don't know if they have one in your city. I got a few a handbands with flowers on it from Walmart. I'm sure the beauty supply stores have some too. One handband I made myself. I just took a black handband, a feather, and super glued it together.

  2. Well well well, after all this time. I be dog gone. Ok, so now what yall gonna do?

  3. @ Southern Gal,

    Thanks for stopping by and responding to my question...funny thing, I went to the dollar store and bought some flowers and some clips because I can't wear headbands and couldn't figure out how I was going to attach the flowers.. I will try super glue..duh

    And you would think since I ran with dudes that I would know that they knew who they could run through..but I guess I still wanted some attention to know that I wasn't a troll.

  4. @Chele,

    I know right. And to think if I didn't swallow that fear I would still be thinking I was the ugly toad of highschool cuz you know we all do have our "not so pretty" periods

  5. @ Queen,

    Um we gonna continue being HOMIES and wonder whether I signed his book in purple... he doesn't have the book any more...but to be honest..I think I did..I'mma ask him if it was written in a corner..