Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Electric...

Yeah my Swag has been electrified. It's like static cling, cuz every time I turn around something or someone is stuck to me.

(This was mentally written long before this recent madness crept into my life. It was supposed to be the post after the pics. But, I have been having a hard time getting on the internet to post.)

I wish someone could have taken a picture of my grin as I tossed the last bag into the dumpster. It was weird, it was like I was finally free. Free to go back to being me.

I walked outside with such a pep in my step. It was saying, "LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE I COME!" And boy was I planning to take it by storm.

I am sure dudes almost got whiplash snapping their heads trying to get a look at me. The funny thing was some of these dudes were the same dudes I walked passed everyday. Everyday...that never once gave me the once over and now they all in my face. Must be that electrifying glow they see shooting from my body that's gotten their attention.

Yeah, bagging up and dumping 9 years of pain, sorrow, and unhappiness will do that for you. It's funny, I can't even go to the library without someone being in my face: young, old, short, fat, bald, doesn't even matter. They all want to get next me and well I just smile and politely take their numbers and keep it moving cuz this is my time to shine. And guess what...


"They say time heals all wounds. The verdict is still out for me with regards to this. But I do know that sometimes you get knocked down and don't want to or know how to get back up, but in due time, you will find your way. Never give up and never count yourself out...God works miracles long after the final bell has rung"

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)
This is a double post...please check out previous post.


  1. I have just found your blog via Hot Piece of Sass and I LOVE IT!!!!!

    Think you're amazing. I can relate to so much of what you say!

    You have a new follower!

    LBM xxxx

  2. I'm so pleased you have started de-cluttering your life.Good job done.

  3. Go on with your bad self. Nothing can stop you now.

  4. I'm impressed, I need to do the same. Congrats and taking a big step towards getting your life organized in the most literal sense :-)

    -fka Lil Trill

  5. One of my superhuman powers is throwing crap out. I love to purge the excess. It's addictive and leaves you feeling so much lighter. And more bank in your bank, if you know what I mean. But seriously, the emotional ties we have to stuff is odd - in a way, I adore certain items like they're memory keepers, in another way, I really hate to dust.

  6. welcome La Belle, come on and pull up a chair, we are all family here.

  7. @ Chic Mama I am so excited too. I just have to stay focused but the hard part is over...9 years of mail fit into about 13 giant trash bags..

    @ Queen, girl the devil tried to stop me, did you read 10 to life? but i am here and resolved to push ahead

    @ Mr. Chap, Welcome, welcome, so you decide to come over after we already done carried all that trash to the dumpster (smile)

    @ Anon, how long has it been since Xanga that I have been trying to get this together? each year I would manage to throw out what two bags worth of mail? but it's forward movement from this point on.

    @ One Sassy Girl, now you tell me, I was trying to get home make over or that place that sell your stuff and clean up to come help me with my clutter but I didn't want to be put out there like that.