Sunday, July 26, 2009

Traffic Jams

I hate them in a car, I hate them on a boat, I hate them on a plane, I hate them on a bike, I hate them in my Nikes!!!! I hate traffic jams especially ones that happen for no apparent reason.

There is no accident. There is no construction. There is no feasible reason why we are at a standstill; yet, traffic flow has ceased or is a slight crawl.

Well that was what my life felt I was in a perpetual traffic jam. Now, when I was undergoing my many life transitions, I understood why my life was stagnant...and even when I had placed my life on cruise control and had fallen asleep behind the wheel, I understood that when I finally collided that the gapers were causing and going to cause a traffic jam because they did not understand that the best business was to have some business of their own. But, what I didn't understand was why my life was going so slow and there was nothing visible hindering my progress.

I'm so use to having the pedal to the metal and pushing it while the backdrops blurs in my rear view. However, it was something oddly strange about my slowing down, it was as if my spidysense had detected trouble, like the po-pos lying in the cut, ready to jump out with their sirens blaring.

I was not sure what was going on but my gut was telling me that I should just ease up on the gas for a second and ride the slow lane for a minute and take it all in and well, that's what I did and not a second too soon cuz that's when my engine light went on, my tire blew out, and something under the hood started to smoke...

And there I was, on the side of the road watching as I became a blur in the passerbyers rear view. It was there that I started thinking about that ticking sound that had been coming from under my hood for about a month or so, I kept telling myself that I would get it in to get it checked out and well------------------------ I guess I never found the time and now look at me.

So, now that I am stranded I have decided to see what else I have put off because I was too busy, or too tired, or too whatever to deal with it. AND boy believe you me, it seems like I have been putting off a lot of things that I could have taken care of today and was leaving them for tomorrow, and well, today i vow to make a change because all of this clutter and baggage is slowing up my progress.

"If you have been procrastinating about fixing something in your life, thinking that it will just go away, or figuring that you will get to it when you get to it, GET TO IT NOW...before it stops you in your tracks AND demand your undivided attention. Cuz, I'm not sure it's enough room for the both of us on this shoulder."

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Sure Do (Smooches)

P.S. So today I used some makeup and some accessories and while I wasn't Eva or Latifah flawless, I was fierce!!!!


  1. Thanks for the recent stop by at my blog; I'm always flattered to receive a new reader.

    I've been in lifes traffic jam before and it was an awful place to be as you mentioned. I'm happy to hear that you're making your way through it and I hope that your jounery continues on a peaceful and scenic route.

    love to live; live to love!

  2. well luv thank god i dont drive but as a passenge3r i hate being stuck in them too....(funny, sam i am) analogy...*smooches*

  3. @Blu Jewel, no problem, I enjoyed reading...reading others' blogs helps me fine tune the adjustments i need to make.

    i am happy too and i hope that it will be a journey to remember

  4. @chocolate girl, traffic jams are not fun for anyone, believe that...but at least as a passenger, you can kinda sleep through them