Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's Talk About Sex BABY


"Let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that we see, let's talk about sex" (SALT N PEPPER)..

Now if you thinking this is the time to grab your lotions, vaselines, oils, and towels, um, you might want to take a look at the upper right hand corner and proceed accordingly...

(Now That We Have Gotten That Outta The Way, Let's Begin)

Sex for me complicates things. It makes me stay when I should leave. And leave when I should stay. It makes me attracted to people I initially found repulsive and makes me engage in the horizontal, vertical, upside down twisted to the side mombo when the first two times weren't all that.

Sex turns my brain to mush, making it hard from me to determine whether it is LOVE or LUST... and I know some say what's the difference as long as I am getting mine. Well there is a differnce and the difference is, if it is Lust then I can keep it on lock until Love comes around.

Right now, I am practicing celibacy and it's like torture... I mean my body keeps calling for HIM morning, noon and night and inbetween those times. And when I am near his hood, it's like the heat in Love Jones has been transferred to my right and left thighs. When I see him, I get weak in the knees and everything perks up. And yeah I have had my moments of weakness where I have allowed him to brush up against me and linger too too long...but when it's all said and done I wonder, did i ever really love him, or did the sex alter my perception of reality. I mean we had some type of connection ( I won't say it was mindblowing because I don't want you searching for him...I am still very territorial when it comes to him even though physically he has moved on)

Gots me wishing I had held out just so I would know for myself if it was real. And if he was really ever worth my time.

"Sex is not something to be played with...it can alter realities and fantasies into things unspoken... it can bind you to the mind, body, and soul of someone who was never supposed to be yours, it can make you stand in the bushes in your Ninja Suit, so if you aren't sure that it LOVE, LOCK IT UP."

~Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Sure Do (Smooches)


  1. I love sex with a passion. I just hope I be doing it right.

  2. Girl there is no wrong or right way...just enjoy yourself...believe me, the worse thing to do is to get all up in your head about it...makes it more into an assignment instead of an adventure...just let it flow