Monday, September 21, 2015

Deflate Gate

He built me up with his grandiose tales of true love.
About how but for those papers and the timing we could be extraordinary.
Tales of wining and dining.
Loving and sexing, giving it to me good for at least 10 good minutes.

The more he fed me, the more I ate.  The more I ate, the bigger I got.
Until one day....

My bubble was burst.  And my twisted dreams were shattered.
It didn't matter about those papers or even about the timing.
The watch could be stuck in time for all I cared and we would still be living a lie.

Long gone were the days of being fed off his plate.
Of the daily chats and check-ins to see if I was ok
Long gone were the days of him putting out my fires
So nothing on me was remotely burned
Long gone were the days where he was excited that I existed

I told myself I would not cry....
I told myself I got what I had coming...
I told myself that I was just fine....
I told myself to hold on to the memories...
I told myself to give it time and this too shall pass

Well hell, I don't have time and don't like time,
These seconds feel like centuries have past
This hole feels like it is Blue Black
It feels like I am drowning...

It's funny how one day you can be a Hit;
and the next day you are a Miss
Makes me hesitate to call it Love
But it darn sure wasn't Lust

I hear the hissing sound of the air start to lessen
So I know the end is near
Pretty soon there will be no air left
In this doomed fairytale

"Some heartache we can avoid by simply ignoring what's in our treacherous hearts."

Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do ~ Smooches


  1. Going through this right now...*sigh* Trying to stay strong.

    1. Girl!!! I have been going through it for a's funny cuz my next couple of posts will definitely be about this as I try to cycle through it.