Monday, April 29, 2013

Not Quite There But Still Smiling

I have to tell you something, I am well on my way.  Not exactly sure where but I know that I am going to get there.  I may  not be at the top of the mountain but now it doesn't look so far away.  It is amazing how much your outlook on life can change when you just adjust the lenses you are looking out through.

Everything's not peaches and cream...this ain't no made for t.v. movie, this is some real life kinda stuff that comes at you fast.  I have had some sad days the past couple of days.  Didn't want to get from out of my sleeping's a hardknock life.

But I did.  And even though it was a small was a win nonetheless.

Sadness is so sad...I mean it just covers you and if you not careful, you will think it is protection...protecting your from all the past and even future hurt and pain.  Smh.. I swear the debil is busy and cleaver.

But like I said, I got up and got some things done...things I have been trying for years to do...nope mail still sitting there.  But it is sitting there and sorted.


Everyday I have a breakthrough, it seems like I suffer a major setback... but I am still smiling because I know that I must be closing in on that peak because things normally get worse right before you cross over the finish line.

Mind over matter...

"Sometimes you have to lose to win again ~ Thanks Tasia"

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