Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Hands are Bond

and my heart is slowly breaking....
I am here, if not in mind, at least in body. I have a lot of drama for your mama going on right now. As soon as things simmer down, I will get back to feeding your souls with my tales as I stir these pots... But right now, I am doing more burning than cooking.
I will try and catch up on your blogs this weekend and maybe that will provide me some mental release from this anguish...cuz some of what I am feeling, I can't even put into words.
It's just one of those situations where you just fall on your knees and sob and make noises and sounds that only HE can translate.
Take care of yourselves and each other..
Gotta Luv MOI, cuz I surely do (smooches)


  1. Don't you burn the house down, don't burn your bridges cause you never know when you might have to cross back over them. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire....

  2. Truthz, I've been looking for you, girl! Can't believe I found you! You done moved, momma. It's your girl, Hoodoo from hoodooinfluences. Just like you, I'm not the same either. No longer Miss Hoodoo (with her crazy self). I'm still at the same URL (; just a different type of girl now. Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Glad you're back and I'm glad to be back. Been a long time. We gotta keep in touch, Sis. Take care and I'll spy on you later. God bless!

  3. Sorry things are bad. Thinking of you. x