Sunday, September 5, 2010

From Crack to Quack ~ Happy Anniversary!

So one year ago yesterday, my world changed as I knew it. The last piece of innocence I held on to was taken right from under me. I look back on this year and I have to marvel at my strength. I was taken through the ringer and left on the side of the road to dry. It seemed like I dealt with a different crisis every week. From neverending ringworm to behavior decompensation. I saw it all. I felt it. I went through it. I survived it.

My faith was tested and in the midst of the fire, it grew.

My child is still not 100%. I am still dealing with a lot of the issues that stemmed from his ordeal. However, there are some things that are changing. His demeanor has changed somewhat. He doesn't look so aggressive or so on the defensive when I pick him up after school. It's like he knows he is safe at his new school and that brings me a measure of peace cuz I fight lil kids,even multi-racial ones.

Today is doubly special: It's my 6 month creamy crack free anniversary and my 1 year issues that I can't stuff and gots to pay someone to help me anniversary!

So it has been a year since I picked up the phone and called CQP and honey, I should have followed my 1st mind and kept it moving. It was something about him that told me he would be a hot mess, which is why I didn't call him back. He called me back and asked if I was still interested in him seeing me and my son. I should have told him h e double L NO! But had I done that I probably would still be stressed the heck out and still stuffing any and everything that I came across instead of dealing with it.

He has helped me help myself by being so annoying. I mean all his prying questions. His bad attitude. Sarcasm. His genuineness. All of these things gave me the push I needed to get up, dust myself off, lick my wounds and keep it moving. I wanted to plow down doors just so I didn't have to hear his bootleg analyzing of what my issues were. There were/are a lot of people who felt we were too close and well that could be true but even the fact that I would let someone get so close to me that others would comment is a testament of how much I have changed.

He was the right person for the job, bootleg and all.

I have been natural for 6 months and I can't believe it. I used to have to get a touch up every 4.5 weeks. I laugh every time I think about how "nappy" my hair was with a perm.. Look at me now, these waves will make you love really.

I have grown so much with my hair. I still hate wet hair, but I see the world differently. I feel as spunky as each curl. I know that some days will be straight, uneventful, and others will be non-stop action with twist and turns every which way, and still some will start off uneventful and wind up being all over the place, and finally, some will just be rough around the edges because it be's that way sometime....kinda like my life : )

So enjoy the pics of me and my growth:

"Resilience is something that keeps me coming back for more...(yup a sucka for punishment) Endurance is something that keeps me staying the course (too headstrong to quit) and LUV is something that keeps me from killing those that have made my journey unpleasant at times (I secretly love my freedom)."

~Gotta Luv moi, I surely Do (smooches)

Just got it chopped off

Day 2 oooh look at them naps lol

2 months of growth

It's official, I bes that attorney...told yah I looked fly

Look at all that hair...


  1. Happy Anniversary(s). You look great.

  2. HAPPY,HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love your hair! You look too cute!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your hair is beautiful!

    Keep on keeping on with your son. He is blessed to have you.

  4. thanks guys! i can't believe it has been 6 months already...pretty soon imma have to do soemthing other than wet it and go.

    @MKIA thank you...the more i pump my brakes and give him the time he needs, the more he is turning the corner... I am blessed to have him...he saved me

  5. Lovin the hair journey & yes, definitely stay with your son. My son is 15 and he still don't realize how much my involvement will benefit his future . . .he will one day and that's what keeps me going.

    I understand what you mean because I feel like my son saved me as well. I made a lot of "right" decisions because of him. Stay strong!

  6. @ChitownGirl,
    Thanks so much... i have no other choice..i am all he gots and he is all i have so we kinda stuck until he gets married and by then i will be all good

  7. beautiful girl...happy anniversary