Monday, December 28, 2009

You Sooooooooooo Out of Pocket!

You ever had someone just jump way out there?

You know jump from their lane into yours without signaling or anything.

They hear something or read something and just run with it without thinking it through or processing the info like a NORMAL person would...

You haven't?

Well......................................... let me introduce myself. "Hi my name is Luv and I was so out of pocket the other day, I mean I was dead wrong and I am rather ashamed of my behavior, now you can scratch this off your never have met list."

The other day I must have bumped my head, really hard because I acted so uncool. I dropped the baton. I let them see me sweat. I became, even if just for a hot FB second, that chick.

Sidebar: Now, I am not saying that being that chick in certain instances are all bad. But, in my case, I had no reason to be that chick...probably didn't have any reason to be that chick either when I broke into dude's phone that time ( i digress)

I contacted this chick and asked her was her and her dude sex buddy having unprotected sex.. why, I mean he told me that they weren't and well when he told me I believed him but now that my entire body is going haywire and they can't pinpoint it, I'm like maybe dude gave me something... I mean I don't know how long they have been dealing but from her blog (yes, I read her blog) it seems like they have been hitting the skins for a minute and well, I wanted to know if dude had lied to me.

So instead of answering the question, this chick goes on and on about how she doesn't see how he finds time for me and how he is always with her and blah blah blah. And I am thinking, if he has given me anything that isn't curable, I am going to cause him bodily harm and if he has given me something that can be cured, I am going to cause him bodily harm.

So the chick has sent me several other messages that I refuse to respond to because I recognize that I am the one that opened Pandora's box..but just because I opened it doesn't mean I have to take out the contents...

"Trust ~ it takes years to build and seconds to destroy. Just because someone treated you one way doesn't give you license to make everyone pay for their actions. Emotions will get you in a jam that even your heart can't get you out of..."

Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)


  1. Oh wow...either way, you're doing bodily harm. So you just might as well do it and get it over with, right...LOL

  2. @QB girl, i know right..then I will have to send my child to live with you..lmbo

    @Chic Mama,
    I am healing..but I am feeling so..I guess I am okay...if i get it out now i won't have to deal with it later