Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That's the way love goes

Love seems to be what everyone is chasing after; however, when some of us find it, we don't know what to do with it...we fail to appreciate it, to cherish it, to nurture it, to cultivate it, and sadly some of us refuse to see it. Welcome to my world of searching, finding and losing...

My Girl (this piece is copy written..it wasn't written by me, but it was written about me)

Mr. Incredible,
Shotgun, Caddy,
Watching all the lights from the city fly past me
She drivin' she pryin' with all the questions she ask me
and I don't know her father but she keeps calling me daddy
want's to know what had me
quiet for the past three hours,
if I told her I know she won't understand me
we can't be together I could never be your man, see
with all I'd put you through I could never make you happy
I'd be lucky if you can stand me
Still don't understand why she longs for me so badly
It's something I can't see cause I can't stop the past from constantly re-
playing in my mind and I keep saying, "this time will be different"
If it was I wouldn't be writing this rhyme in my kitchen
trying to forget
all the time that I spent
just trying to forget
trying to pretend like I don't give a shit
like when I see her cry
it don't make me sick
But, when I see her cry
it makes me want to die
I sometimes
wish I'd
never been
born at all
And when the rain starts to fall
it feels like the pain that's contained in my heart
and I don't want to leave her
because she makes me strong
but I know I gotta leave
cause I know I don't belong
in her world
But I know that she knows
she will always be my girl

(my response)

U & I

In your mind
I would always be your girl
In my heart
I wanted to be your world

I wanted to always be in your life
Wanted you to ring me up, and make me your wife
Turning my world upside right,
Demolishing my fear like dynamite
Cuz I would always be in your world
Now that I would officially be your #1 girl
You know, 'til death do us part
You never said it, but I always knew I was your heart

Fear paralyzed me, no, us
Made us run, hide, cuss and fuss
Made us do things we'd never dream
Made us hurt the one we called King and Queen

You can't understand why I long for you so
Don't ask me cuz I really don't know
I just could feel you were the one
I knew my quest for love was finally done
I realized you intrigued me
You took me by surprise and freed me

Allowed me to ride shotgun
and to give you the go
To get in the driver's seat,
behind the wheel and control our flow
We knew our destination
It was crystal clear
But our fear lead to hesitation,

Chaos, distrust and confusion
Had me wondering: Was your love real or an illusion
Master of disguises I knew how to skillfully mask
The joys and pains that came with the fulfilling task
Of loving you so unconditional
Love's not new, but ours felt so revolutional

Felt like I was defying gravity
I wasn't scared, cuz I realized see,
That if I fell you were there,
waiting with open arms to catch me

I made you strong
You allowed me to be weak
I made you bold
You turned me into a freak

You loved me and I acted as if I didn't care
I loved you and you closed up and refused to share
We are one in the same
So afraid to get caught up in love's little game
Now you are there and I am here
Separated by our pasts' fear

Your stare let's me know
That you really don't want me to go
You know what they say, the eyes are the ports to the soul
And your soul wants U and I to grow ol'


(sorting my feelings now)

it's complicated

how u can love and hate someone at the same time
how u can laugh on the outside and be balling on the inside
how u can fool others while also fooling yourself
how u can have the answer but not know the question
how it can be so right, yet be so wrong

it's complicated
why i keep coming back
and dancing the same awkward dance
why i allow my heart to feel the same ole' pain
why i keep saying yes and you keep saying no

it's complicated
i know, but i gots to do this
in order to grow
i gots to put my fears on blast
i got to push through this
so i can move from it's complicated
to someone's at last

yeah, this mess is complicated

"Love...here today gone tomorrow. I love you...these three words, short and simple, yet so powerful. Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all... I don't know. I just know that if you are going to love someone, do it whole-heartedly, and do it right from the start because you may find out that if you save it all for the end, that you've run out of time."

Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)

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