Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is Dedicated to YOU ~ Perfect Fit

This is dedicated to you...

Yes, you.

The one who made me open up my eyes and see.....that the world did not revolve around me. (say what)

Even though it seemed like time stood still, and the sun grew brighter, when you were with me.

We fit like a glove..I was the hand, and you were the material surrounding me to keep me safe and warm. Too bad you didn't protect me, from me.

I was broken, and your ways fixed me. I saw in you the person I wanted to be, the person I used to be. I was ashamed at who I had become, but I quickly took the steps to undue some of the damage I had done.

I never knew a love like this... I never knew love. You made me weak and caused me to lose control...

You wrote me poetry, I wrote you prose

You called me your girl......

I never knew love could feel like this. My Love Jones, My Love Drug, My Kryptonite

I thank you for showing me how a man is supposed to be when he is in the presence of royalty..because I am a QUEEN and I had forgotten that... because I DESERVE love, and I had forgotten that as well.

Because of you, I stopped wanting to cry and started figuring out how to live....again. And, for that, I thank you.

I thank you for putting up with me and sidestepping, jumping over and ignoring all my baggage. I thank you for showing me the best of times. I thank you for being the oxymoron that caused me to finally break done and see that enough was enough and to tuck my trust issues aside and free myself to begin the quest of loving me! I thank you for loving me.

I wish I had loved you harder, longer, and more sincerer. I wish I had let down my guard and put away my fears...I wish that I was still loving you instead daydreaming with these what ifs.

"I was afraid to love because I had been so beaten, so broken, so unloved. I tried to guard my heart by putting up walls on top of walls. When I finally decided to allow myself to fall, it was a little too late. The path to his heart had been barricaded. I have been trying ever since to break back through... If you love someone, and they love you back, please don't let anything or anyone get in the way of spending your life surrounded by their love. Playing it safe doesn't keep you warm at night, it just keeps you up wondering 'what if.'"

Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do (Smooches)


  1. I think your love 'poems' to each other are beautiful. xx

  2. thank you. he inspires greatness in me...