Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Mother's Loss

I had no words.  None.  Just tears to offer.  But then I remember how ignorant folks were when it was me and so I pulled myself together and called and simply said, "What can I do to you need money?"  I ask the questions that most haven't gotten to because they are still stuck on the why, how, what in the world.

It's so sad we live in such a microwave and entitled society.

We feel we have a right to every intimate detail knowing full well if the shoe was on the other foot mums the word.  How do I know, cuz according to Fakebook, everyone leaving the 'Ye Good Life.   Everyone making it and shole as heck ain't relating to Tupac's struggle of barely making it.

All I needed to know was that a child was gone.  A mother was grieving and that she was my sister.  And as such and one who had already experienced such loss, I needed to be there in the manner I wish folks had tried to be there for me.  Not with questions of how and why but of what they could do to ease my neverending soften the load of having to bury your child.

It also never cease to amaze me how important folks have to be during others time of need.  I don't get it. Sharing secondhand information like it's first.  Sharing answers that was forwarded and obtained by me and others in first person.

I just don't get it.. and this is why I will go out just like Prince... and one day soon, I will have to share my Prince story and why his death around this time is just surreal for me.

"I'm sorry, not sorry because the best apology is changed behavior and I refuse to be sleep." 
Gotta Luv Moi, Cuz I Surely Do ~ Smooches

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